Together with other lovers of physical activity, technology, startups and breakthroughs, we were at SPORTBIZ SUMMIT 2023!

We had the pleasure of leading a panel on how to attract Generation Z to sports, what young people are looking for in sports, and how and where to best communicate to reach young people.

Thanks to our experience working with various social groups, including Generation Z, we believe we were able to pass on valuable tips and advice to the other participants of SPORTBIZ SUMMIT 2023.
During our panel, we had the pleasure of talking about:
– What actions to take to attract GEN-Z to sports?
– What are GEN-Z representatives looking for in sports?
– How and where to communicate to reach Generation Z?
– How to use technology to encourage GEN-Z in sports

We aim to engage local communities, companies and educational institutions in sports projects to raise the level of physical activity in society and create strong patronage for both amateur and professional sports.
We believe that by using modern technologies, we can achieve even more and introduce new trends in the field of sports.

We encourage companies, organizations and sports champions to work together to build a culture of physical activity and sports in society.